Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Blues Trippin’ in Cyberspace

by the Blues Boss

Let’s talk “the Internet” as a source of information for you with regards to the blues. Beyond just going to YouTube to sneak a peek at various blues artists. Beyond just going to your favorite artist’s website, MySpace, or Facebook page. Dig deeper, there is tons of blues information to be had.

Several years ago (has it been eight years?). I stumbled across an Internet blues forum entitled 'The Devil's Music Forum". It was very interesting, especially for a “not so knowledgeable" fan of the blues like me. The DMF had people from all over the world discussing, debating, and expounding on all aspects of blues music. Recommending artists, putting up snippets of music, expounding on the virtues of various types of blues (Chicago to Piedmont to Delta to ... whatever).

Then, just after the DMF got me hooked, they experienced growing pains and well over half the time the forum was “down for repair.” Well, one of the forum followers (a great guy by the name of Billy Allardyce from Aberdeen, Scotland) put up what was initially going to be a temporary site while the DMF was “fixed.” Seven years later The Blindman's Blues Forum (named after an extremely nearsighted Billy, our Master and Commander) is still going strong with over 5,600 members. Membership is worldwide. You'll find members from Australia to Estonia, from Scotland to Brazil, from Moscow (probably both Russia and Idaho) to Israel… and, from Seattle to the Virgin Islands.

The BBF has brought me a ton (especially if measured by weight) of new blues friends, introduced me to blues artists from various parts of the world (my opportunity to “tour manage” for English blues artist Ian Siegal back n 2006 came directly from a friend on the BBF), and has given me the opportunity to show the Seattle blues scene off to several visitors that I met through the forum (both blues fans and blues artists - like Big Joe Louis, Tim Aves and Walter Tore to name a few). The official Blindman Blues Forum tee shirts are even printed here by local blues fan John Ramm (Elephant's Gerald Productions).

So, check out The Blindman's Blues Forum (click here to visit). You can cruise the BBF as an anonymous visitor for as long as you want before you decide to join. But, whatever you do, don't tell them the Blues Boss sent you: tell them Eric Steiner sent you (yes, our Washington Blues Society President is a member too).

And remember, get off your duff and strut your stuff. Get out there and support your local blues musicians and clubs - go Blues Trippin'!

Each month I make a nostalgia recommendation, usually some well known 'local blues" artist. This month, I think you should dig out Nick Vigarino'sVictims of Cool” and give it a spin...

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