Sunday, August 29, 2010

"He Said She Said" - Peter Karp & Sue Foley (Blind Pig Records)

By Malcolm Kennedy

He Said She Said

The pairing of Peter Karp and Sue Foley on Blind Pig's He Said She Said was very well conceived, their talent, style and tone are all a solid fit. Several songs feature a playful interplay of vocals back and forth; on others they sing solo.

The opening track, with slide guitar and duo vocals, "Treat Me Right" has a standard blues theme of "baby you don't treat me right" but the similarities to other mean mistreating blues ends right there, and it is one of the album stand out cuts. Peter sings solo on "Wait" with Sue adding some harmony and it is reminiscent of Dylan at his best. Between the slide guitar and Sue's vocals, "Rules of Engagement" sounds like something Bonnie Raitt would do and Peter's vocals are just the right touch as they sing "ain't nothing fair in love and war."

Jason Ricci opens "Hold On Baby" with a touch of plaintive harp, a song about not letting the world grind you down and keeping a lighter side. I like the song; but, feel it would have benefited from a little more harp. Ricci also adds a couple of his tasty signature noodleing licks to "Mm Hmm." My favorite song is "Scared" a relationship song featuring muted trumpet, Foley's silky vocals and acoustic guitar. They bring on the blues somewhat ironically for the love song "Valentine’s Day." From singer/songwriter to blues, duos to solos, slide to strumming, Sue's alluring vocals to Peter's pleasant tenor, He Said She Said contains pleasing well crafted songs throughout, and I found it to be a gratifying listen.

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