Thursday, August 26, 2010

Radio Documentary About the Rise of Country Blues in the Mississippi Delta

I ran across this outstanding documentary - now podcast - about the rise of rural, country blues in the Mississipppi Delta and had to share it. Whether you are a fan or artist of the blues genre and roots music, this is something worth listening too...

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I Wish I Was In Heaven Sitting Down,” a six hour long radio documentary about the Mississippi Delta Blues is Written, Produced and Narrated by Frank Matheis, Melon Productions, New York. The 6 hour long program series takes its title from a song by Mississippi Fred McDowell. It is a historical documentary series that covers the rise of the rural, country blues of the Mississippi Delta from the 1920’s through the migration of African-Americans to points north in the 1940’s. It includes the period up to development of the urban sound known as “the Chicago blues”. The documentary concludes with a look at the acoustic blues today, in the 21st Century, and spotlights some of today’s musicians in this genre.

"‘I Wish I Was in Heaven Sitting Down’ …should be required listening for anyone interested in American music…because it brims with powerful, potentially life-changing blues. You cannot hear this music and remain unmoved.” - Eric Pooley, TIME Magazine
The descriptions and 6 part podcast can be viewed and listened to by clicking here...

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