Friday, October 15, 2010

"Back to the Shack" - the BlueVoodoo (Self Released)

By Malcolm Kennedy
Back to the Shack
The BlueVoodoo are based out of Vancouver, BC and their latest CD Back to the Shack (self produced) cover art screams front porch; but the music is everything but. In fact, I hear more elements of rock and country&western than the Delta. But, the blend is definitely a unique blues style.
The band is Ted Tosoff on vocals/guitar, Rick Delgarno on vocals/guitar, Gerry Berg on Bass, and Kelly Stodola on drums. Guest musicians Paul Wainwright-sax and Dave Hoerl-harp provide tasteful support. I particularly enjoyed “Black Moon.” The slide work by Rick Dalgarno and harp fills by Dave on “Suitcase Blues” are both right on the mark. The 14 tracks are all well crafted originals with at least one foot in the blues.

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