Monday, October 11, 2010

A Blues Weekend in the Pacific NW

By RH 
Saturday October 9th at the Highway 99 Blues Club, the audience got to see who the Washington Blues Society is sending to Memphis to compete at the International Blues Challenge in the solo/duo category: "Porch Stomp" with Nick Vigarino. Nick did one set with the drummer who is the other half of his duo act. The audience was then astounded by the band he brought on stage, adding a wild fiddle player so Nick could have dueling guitar-fiddle was great. He also did a few slower songs as well as his usual fast ones, and that was a treat.

The night was not complete without Nick's flying circus act however. The drummer banged his drum sticks on Nick's guitar as Nick played the neck. Nick then used a plethora of items to play his slide guitar: the bass, the violin, salt shakers, a bottle of Tabasco sauce, etc. as he walked throughout the club. The performance concluded with Nick jumping on the bar and walking above the club. A shot of whiskey was handed up to him. He toasted the crowd, drank it, and used the shot glass as the slide... and because everyone was on their feet cheering I couldn't see all else he was doing.

On this same night there was great blues music in Portland, Tacoma, Spokane, Snohomish, and all over the Pacific NW. The region has the blues, and it sounds great. I was lucky enough to have caught what may have been one of the better shows of the night.

Be sure to attend the "Blues Invasion" on Nov. 7th in Snohomish, WA at the Oxford Saloon. The proceeds will go to sending Porch Stomp and the Wired! band to represent the Washington Blues Society in Memphis at the International Blues Challenge. Click here for more information on the event.


  1. ....The night Nick "walked the bar" at Hwy 99 shown in the picture above he walked head first right into low hanging plumbing pipe and darn near knocked himself out.... As I recall, I followed him around the room and "snapped" pics of him playing slide guitar with 17 different objects....

  2. Thanks for the picture and bit o' history Anonymous! It was a fitting shot for the article...

  3. It was fun being there and writing a few paragraphs for the blog. I enjoy bringing a guest who has never seen Nick's act before. That is because I get to see their facial expressions as he uses a bottle of whiskey as a slide, followed by a lit candle as a slide,... and his music is good too.----RH (Robert Horn)