Saturday, October 9, 2010

"Bone-A-Fied" - Boogie Bone (Self Released)

By Malcolm Kennedy
Boogie Bone has been taking Portland by storm and their new CD, Bone-A-Fied, shows why. An interesting mix of mostly rock with some blues and blue rock on 13 original tracks. They tease you for 1:23 with the bluesy feel of “Angel Preamble” and then crank it up to ten with 4 min of “Avenging Angel.” I would like to hear a 5 min. version of the preamble.

The best track is “Don’t Mean A Thing” a slow bluesy ballad in the vein of Gary Moore with subdued guitar, slick horns with a soaring sax solo and emotionally charged vocals. “Boogie Bone Boogie” is a horn laden romp. “I Don’t Know” features swinging horns and they close things out with “Gotcha Baby” a mid tempo Texas shuffle with a nasty little guitar solo.

I found this record to be well worth checking out.

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