Sunday, October 31, 2010

New Songs, New Club, Old Favorite

by Robert Horn
Grinders, located at 19811 Aurora Avenue in Shoreline Washington, is a new blues club with blues music every weekend. They share the same parking lot as a muffler repair place with a big sign so it is easy to drive right past it. If you do go past, just come back around to find it on the second attempt!

There's A Song In ThereWe went there Saturday night and watched Mark Dufresne put on a show that was magical. He performed some new songs, and the packed place loved it. Years ago Mark told me he had enough material for 10 more CD's. He has written some more songs since then. Mark had a great CD come out last year too. I asked him on Saturday when the next one will come out and he said it depends on whether or not they can get the capital to do that. I sure hope there is a way for some people who love the arts to come forward with some help. You can contact Mark by clicking here.

On Saturday Mark did things with the harmonica that are not from this planet. He showed how to go from tenor to baritone, back through tenor to alto, and do it all for 4 minutes at a time. Mark either didn't take a breath or somehow was breathing through a nostril and out through the mouth hitting all the notes this master dreamed of when he wrote these songs. There are reasons he has won so many awards over the years.

Grinders has even more talent coming up over the next month, from Little Bill to Junkyard Jane, and many others. They are also the producers of what some say are the best sandwiches in the area. I will be back...

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