Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Blues Trippin’ and Ranting and Raving!

By Blues Boss 
This month is going to be some ranting and raving…

Let’s start with a rant - blues fans still staying away from Pioneer Square. I’m telling you, it’s like a sleepy little fishing village down there now. You want unruly crowds go to Belltown (or Ballard on a weekend)…you want blues music, well one of the many places you can go is back to the “Square.”

Rave – to all those venues who have stuck with the blues during hard times. And those venues who have come back to blues music, like the J&M Café - or the new venues like Rhythm & Brews in Tacoma.

A rave – Christmas! Pretty much lost interest in it as a holiday (because of the rampant commercialism) until I got grandkids….now, it is fun again.

Another rant – although it’s not about music, it’s about age! The “senior citizen” designation will no longer apply. From now on 55-75 will be called “Classic citizens” (like classic cars – we don’t call automobiles from the 50’s & 60’s “senior cars”).

Back to a rave – those members Board of Director of the Washington Blues Society (not including my lazy self) who give their time and effort consistently and unwaveringly to the local blues scene. Three cheers.

A small rant – And this one doesn’t happen very often – Two national acts in town on the same night! We don’t get that many of them here as it is, and then to have Irma Thomas (at Jazz Alley) up against Charlie Musselwhite (at the Triple Door) on the same night just ain’t right!

Rave – about the level of musical talent in the greater Seattle area! I’m active on an International Blues Forum (and several other blues societies) and I get the opportunity to check out music from all over the world. Let me tell you, the Greater Seattle area (and our neighbors to the south in Portland) can hold a candle to just about any music market when it comes to the blues. PERIOD. And, as a music fan I thank all of you for the joy it brings me.

Have a great holiday season – stay safe, and keep Blues Trippin…. See you at the WBS Holiday Party!

Usually I make a nostalgia recommendation, but this month I am making a strong recommendation to do your Christmas shopping with your favorite local blues musicians – buy “local” CDs, they make wonderful Christmas presents…


  1. I'll add a couple of Rants, to balance your first Rave (and take no pleasure in doing so):

    1) By the time of your post (Nov 30th), Rhythm & Brews in Tacoma had already thrown in the towel. Very sad to see them fold so soon.

    2) My band (The Black River Blues) played the J&M just last Friday (Dec. 3rd) and there weren't but 8-10 people in there all night. Yes, we're newer to the scene and don't have a following - but if the blues fans don't support blues in Pioneer Square, it'll never come back!

  2. It's really unfortunate to see the Rhythm and Blues have to fold. We'll do what we can to spread the word to get more people down to Pioneer Square. Getting out and seeing live music (especially blues of course) is THE way fans and lovers of the music are going to help keep venues and artists going. Thanks for the comment Black River.