Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Blues Trippin’ at Ballard High School and Pioneer Square

By Blues Boss
Sometimes you find blues in places you never thought to look. Like at a high school! That’s right, on a Saturday in late September, I caught some great blues and a fascinating video of the wonderful Duffy Bishop at Ballard High School. It was the Seattle premiere of “Who’s Duffy Bishop? And Why Is She Not Famous?” - a 30 minute documentary about Vocalist Duffy Bishop.

The film was done by Bryan Johnston, a TV veteran, and two Ballard High School students who shot and edited the whole venture for $100. It was outstanding (and well worth owning to see what Keith Lowe was wearing at any given time). Following the screening was a spirited performance for the firsttime-in-over-ten-years of the old Duffy Bishop Band featuring Henry Cooper, Dave Jette, Keith Lowe and Chris Carlson. When you put together on stage the fabulous Duffy Bishop and Henry Cooper, well for me it doesn’t get much better. It was fantastic, and in a high school auditorium to boot. (click here to see a news clip on the show)

Now a reminder to get down to Pioneer Square and support the New Orleans Creole Restaurant and the J&M Café in their efforts to bring great blues music and breath some life back into that music scene. The Mariners’ dreadful season is over, so parking will be plentiful most nights of the week and most weekends. And, “the square” isn’t as forbidding and spooky as your think. Really!

As always – a monthly “nostalgia recommendation”. Duffy Bishop, of course! Dig out “Ooh, Wee” and give it another spin. Duffy at her finest…

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