Wednesday, November 17, 2010

She's Back

by Robert Horn 

Last year Mia Vermillion released her CD, Alone Together With the Blues, that got national and then some international attention. Mia performed a few times in the area, but had some health issues that limited what she did musically in 2009.  This last weekend she played at the Highway 99 Blues Club with Orville Johnson and showed that she is strong and healthy now.

Mia sang some of the songs that made the CD so well liked. Orville impressed the audience with his guitar playing and when he performed on the Dobro guitar the applause was enthusiastic to say the least. Watch for future listings of Mia Vermillion performing in the region.You will like what you hear.  Rumor has it that she'll be top billing at a premier Seattle venue sometime early next year, but I couldn't get any details out of her! 

Following Mia and Orville on Friday night was the always entertaining Candye Kane, who combined great music with some humorous and some serious stories about life lessons. Her guitar player, Laura Chavez, blew people away with its perfection and its soulfulness.  Laura is a gifted guitarist with the chops to rival any out there. Candye also brought out Shanghai Pearl. Burlesque is the artform with this act and was very much noticed for the eye candy factor. Candye also sang and the band played while Shanghai Pearl stimulated everyone's heart rate.


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