Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Biggest Washington Blues Society Holiday Party So Far

by Robert Horn 
Every year it happens, but this time it broke all records. The annual Washington Blues Society (WBS) holiday party officially started at 7 pm in Forcaster's Pub at the Red Hook Brewery in Woodinville. By 8 pm a security person at the door was telling people there was no more room and each of them had to wait for a someone to leave to be able to enter. Meanwhile inside, Tony Frederickson was giving away merchandise in a raffle and the tickets read like: "number 521.... number 942..." Yes there were hundreds of people there and even though they were sometimes packed a little like sardines, the next day all the emails I saw were from people saying they've never had so much fun.

Why were these people so happy? Well, I will tell all about that in aWBS Bluesletter article to be out in February. But, I can tell a little right now...

The music was amazing. Members of Charles Whites' Band performed at the party. They are all part of the blues family in this region, and it was fitting that we all were thinking of Charles. We also had Mark Riley, Tim Langford, and Rob Moitoza performing (there are some photos of these guys I took including one with a green light shining on Rob that sparked a caption writing contest I started on Facebook---Rob is a great guy and if he doesn't think it is funny I will buy whatever he wants me to buy to make up for it.). Kathy McDonald sang later and there was a great featured guest from a long ways away: Sammy Eubanks, the guitar magician.

Hundreds got into dancing, eating, drinking, laughing, hugging, and talking for hours. Yes, the Blues are alive and well in Seattle --- LIFE IS GREAT!

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