Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Few Things To Note For Seattle Area Blues Fans

By Rev. Deb Engelhardt
A couple things have come up that are of note to Seattle area blues fans... First thing is that the Blues To Do television show is now being taped live at the J&M Cafe in Pioneer Square on Sunday nights, with setup around 5 pm. and windup by 7 pm. (Funding for the SCAN TV studio has disappeared.)

At 7 pm, the Seattle Houserockers jam for a few hours, and I have been enjoying the return of blues to the J&M. Yesterday I received a telephone call from John Lee of the Seattle Houserockers, telling me that the jam has been suspended until March 5, when they will return with a full evening's entertainment.

You can still get your blues fix in the Square, Doug McGrew is hosting jams at 88 Keys a couple nights a week, including Wednesdays.

Also, Fabulous Roofshakers performed last Saturday night (tomorrow) at the New Orleans Creole Restaurant after bugging Gaye for five years trying to get a gig there. Come out and support the Roofshakers, they truly are fabulous, one of my favorite all around dance bands; they've got just what you need to get your boogie on. [you can view the Roofshakers calendar here]

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