Monday, January 17, 2011

“Riding Alone” - Sammy Eubanks (Self-released)

By Blues Boss 
If you went to the 2010 WBS Holiday Party you witnessed the VOICE! Yes SAMMY EUBANKS, the VOICE, is back with a new CD - Riding Alone. Let's get this out of the way - is it Blues? Well, yes and no. Blues based yes, but hardly true blues as the hardcore blues fan would determine. More twang than blues slang . More cowboy boots than two-toned dress shoes. And, there is definitely more cowboy hat than fedora. But, that really doesn't matter. It's catchy music, delivered with a straight ahead style. And, of course, it's the VOICE.

I always tell "first-timers" to a Sammy Eubanks performance that you are going to see a guy who looks like he should be the bouncer at the door (and, he can give you that "security look" if need be). Then the show starts and he sings – out comes a truly clear, clean, outstanding voice. Pleasing as all get-out. Everything is done effortlessly, in a casual delivery that borders on being tongue-in-cheek.

Backed by bassist Dale Lewis and drummer Gary Smith (with the addition of John Rickard on steel guitar and Charles Swanson on sax on a couple tunes), the Sammy Eubanks band is just what you expect, a tight trio putting out fun, danceable music - with a VOICE you won't hear anywhere else in the Pacific Northwest. If you liked Sammy's first CD, you'll definitely enjoy Riding Alone - if nothing else for the highly enjoyable (and festival popular) "Dancing like a White Guy" and his great rendition of the standard "Hound Dog". I've found out that its' great driving music. Pick up a copy, I bet you'll enjoy the hell out of it.


  1. You can download Riding Alone at

  2. Thanks for adding the "buy" link in your comment Anonymous! I always try to add links to artist websites in the text. Great CD... Buy it!