Saturday, March 12, 2011

Blues Trippin’ - A Time To Remember

By Blues Boss 

It has certainly been a rough, rough winter for the Pacific Northwest blues community. We have lost some of the true stalwarts of the local blues scene. Sir Charles White. Michael Kahler. Kirk “KT” Tuttle. L.J. Porter. Sad times for sure. A simple “Rest in Peace” doesn’t seem quite enough for all the musical joy they brought us.

We all have great memories of each of these talented individuals. For me, well… I used to be a “drinkin’ buddy” of Michael Kahler’s, back in the day. Michael introduced me to Sir Charles White at the long since defunct Larry’s Greenfront. I attended many a Wednesday Night Jam with that bunch. Michael is as much responsible as anybody for me being involved in the local blues music scene. He’s even responsible for the nickname “Blues Boss.”

As for “KT,” I met Kirk through his lovely wife Jimie Jean at the long running Thursday blues night at the Salmon Bay Eagles in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood. Often it seemed like “KT” was the house drummer there, and that’s a good thing. Spiderman! In the last few years I’d see KT driving around Ballard in that big ol’ car of his. I’m sure Jimie Jean and “KT” are now running that big jam upstairs – it would only be fitting.

BlueFinally, L.J. Porter! I didn’t know L.J. that well, but that didn’t stop the two of us from having a night or two of spirited discussion about the general state of the blues in Seattle in general, and the Washington Blues Society in particular. My fondest memory of L.J. is her on stage at a benefit for Ricki Hudson – singing – directing the band (one of her trademarks, for sure) and just generally enthralling everyone with her spectacular voice.

Yes, these are sad times for the Pacific Northwest blues community for sure. R.I.P, Sir Charles, Michael, KT, and LJ. Thank you for some unforgettable blues music.


  1. Thanks Blues Boss for sharing your memories,thoughts & wisdom. Marty

  2. Yes, thanks Blues Boss. A well written memorial. May the music and memories live on forever.