Friday, August 26, 2011

A Taste of Music

By Rodney Dranfield (White Rock Blues Society)
Tony Fredrickson on the Taste of Music stage
Just back from Snohomish, Washington to help judge the Band and Solo Duo acts for the Washington Blues Society’s 2012 International Blues Challenge participants. Wow, is there ever a lot of talent in the Pacific Northwest.

I was most honored to receive the invitation from their President Eric Steiner to go down to their three day outdoor festival titled “Taste Of Music." Eric told me that Tony Fredrickson, was the major force behind this initiative along with a number of enthusiastic volunteers. During the day three stages were going and at night six local clubs had blues music going into the wee hours of night.

The two judges I worked with and had the pleasure to meet were both blues radio DJs. Ted Todd from KKZX FM 98.9 Sundays 7pm to 10pm Blowtorch Blues, streaming at seen here with Eric Steiner and Robin K of KSER FM also with Eric.

The Band that was selected to represent the Washington Blues Society was the Wired! Band a three piece band that kicked the audience into high gear with the lead singer and guitarist getting into the crowd encouraging group participation. The Duo act selected was Randy Norris and Jeff Nicely. They put on a fine display of classic blues numbers and will be fine representatives of the talent in the region. Best of wishes goes out to both as the prepare to go to Beale Street in Memphis next February competing with acts from around the world.

Hats off to the Washington Blues Society and all their hard work and commitment keeping the blues alive and growing.


  1. Rod,
    Thanks for being a part of this IBC event. We look forward to supporting the White Rock Blues Society as well.

  2. yeah, it was alot of fun to see such great talent in my little town. We are really spoiled in Snohomish. We have the best of everything within biking distance of my house. We were glad to have you, hope you feel welcome.

    And one more thing, the great music till wee hours happens 3 or 4 nights a week here. We dance our assess off. Cant you tell?

    Cher in Snohomish