Saturday, October 1, 2011

Review - "Overclocked" - Jim Allchin

By Rick J Bowen 
Seattle guitar man Jim Allchin is living the dream. He recently retired from a successful career at Microsoft and is releasing his second full length album Overclocked from Sandy Key Music. The thirteen song set written by John is a guitar tone extravaganza of rock, blues and soul. Recorded in Seattle with some of the area's finest musicians including two legendary drummers, Chris Leighton and Ben Smith, talented keyboardist Ty Baillie, Garey Shelton on bass and horns sections from Seattle and New York!

Allchin handles the bulk of the vocals with his searing tenor, but he is joined with great effect by the fabulous Kelly Whitney on the bump and grind blues "One for the Money," and the soulful duet "Perfect Game." But don't be fooled this album is all about the guitar as the first track gives us a little lesson on the mind of a tech junkie delivered via supersonic boogie rock. Every track features Allchin's fiery fret board antics and obviously obsessive attention to tone.

Guitar geeks will surely pick up this CD just to hear his two mythical amps; Fender Super Sonic and Dumble Overdrive, which are rare indeed. The Texas style "Don't tell Me What to Do," has him simultaneously channeling Stevie Ray and Joe Satriani. While the smooth jazz ballads "Fall," and Opening My Eyes to Love," have hints of Larry Carlton mixed with Santana. Allchin certainly covers a lot of ground on this album. AS the liner notes hint that the quick step shuffle "Dr. J," is a future vision of Allchin himself as an older musician sittin' in with the band and still delivering the goods, Overclocked surely proves it is never too late to follow your dreams.

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