Thursday, May 24, 2012

Review "Norris and Nicely" - Norris and Nicely (Plum Tree Studios)

By Rick J Bowen
You know what they say about old dogs and news tricks, well journey men players Randy Norris and Jeff Nicely are out to break that rule on their debut self title album. The pair teamed up in 2011 as a side project from their main gigs and decided to compete in the international Blues Challenge Solo /Duo category and won a chance to represent the Washington Blues Society in Memphis, making it to the semi final round.

Recorded by Richard Williams at Plum Tree studios, the strong ten song set captures the clean fresh sound of Norris on authentic acoustic guitar and Nicely on expressive harmonica in an intimate setting. Opening track “Bottle Up The Groove,” is funky finger picking foot stomper that lets you know the party has started. Norris then proceeds to get down to it sounding every bit the like Robert Johnson on Wet Willie’s haunting “Jailhouse Moan,” then switching back to a more contemporary Keb Mo like sound on “Chain Reaction,” with nicely weaving his harp in to the guitar lines with ease.

Norris pushes his voice to the brink on the classic Son House lament “Death Letter.” The duo take Dylan’s “Down In The Flood,” and turn it into a Piedmont style jump that bounces along like a jalopy on a country road. Norris fires up his electric guitar so he and Nicely can dish out the business on “Crossroads blues,” closing the album with gusto, leaving no doubt they’ve got plenty of gas left in the tank.

To purchase the CD catch Norris and Nicely at one of their shows, or visit them on the Internet:

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

New Blues Internet Radio Show “Mighty Mouth Blues” To Air In June

Multi-Award Winning Blues DJ Jonathan “Oogie” Richards & Sweet Danny Ray O’Bryant join forces with NWCZ Radio in Tacoma, WA. Beginning Monday, June 4, 2012, 8:00PM - 11:00PM PST they debut their new Internet Blues Radio Show “Mighty Mouth Blues” which will bring the best of Independent Blues Artists and Bands from the Pacific NW and beyond. The show will be produced live with a focus on weekly Interviews and Performance from the region’s top acts. Oogie and Sweet Danny Ray are known for their high energy, humor driven personality radio show. They will bring Blues Entertainment to a Global Audience presented in a real, honest and sometimes raw format, which is the Blues!

NWCZ Radio is proud and feels very privileged to be adding the award winning Jonathan “Oogie” Richards and Sweet Danny Ray to the Monday night line up on We know Jonathan and Danny bring years of experience to the new show. The Internet will give them the platform they need to bring you what they’ve really been wanting to say and play but couldn’t on terrestrial radio. It will be exciting and fresh yet with the same quality “Oogie” and Danny have been bringing their listeners for years!!

Jonathan says; “I am excited to launch the next phase of my radio career in partnership with NWCZ Radio. Internet radio is revolutionizing how consumers get what they want; good radio from relevant artists, delivered by a DJ not suffocated from a broken terrestrial radio business model. Internet radio is neither unfiltered nor polluted, it is the new frontier! Content will be King again and we are now positioned for this exciting revolution!”

Danny O’Bryant; ” This is an exciting time to be in radio. The way our music is delivered to us has been, and will continue to be in flux. The shift to Internet radio gives us more opportunities than ever before. Independent artists are now able to get exposure on a global scale, easily and affordably. We intend to showcase local and regional blues artists on an international platform.” 

NWCZ Radio brings you what corporate/terrestrial radio won’t. Streaming 24/7 online at we are proud to play independent Northwest bands and give them the platform and exposure they deserve. NWCZ Radio’s goal is to take the proud heritage of music and talent the Northwest has to offer and deliver it to the world!

Monday, May 21, 2012

New E-Book - The Language Of The Blues: From Alcorub To Zuzu

There’s a new eBook out that’s a must-have for blues fans! In The Language of the Blues: From Alcorub to Zuzu, rock musician and author Debra Devi explores over 150 terms like “buffet flat,” “mojo,” and “killing floor.” Reuters calls it “one of the wittiest, bawdiest, most fascinating dictionaries ever.” Bonnie Raitt adds: “What a great resource--as fascinating as it is informative. Debra's passion for the blues shines through."

The Language of the Blues opens with a hilarious foreword by Dr. John, who helped Devi uncover the illegal gambling origins of terms like “gig” and “axe.” The book is packed with wild stories from her interviews with blues legends like Dr. John, Robert Jr. Lockwood, Hubert Sumlin, Henry Gray, Milton Campbell, Smiley Ricks, Jody Williams, Bob Margolin, Jimmie Vaughan, Robben Ford and Bonnie Raitt. “As a musician myself, not a scholar,” Devi explains, “I thought I could best make a contribution by talking directly to artists about what the words in blues songs mean to them."

She combines her interviews with research into African language, voodoo culture and oral histories. But "don't think The Language of the Blues reads like a reference book,” says former Muddy Waters guitarist Bob Margolin, “you can open it at random and fall into the world of your favorite Blues songs. I learned a lot more about the Blues music I already loved."

Sold for $9.99 on Amazon Kindle (free if your a Prime Member), The Language of the Blues includes 40 stunning photos of blues artists and a free download of Devi’s powerful rock album, Get Free. No Kindle? No problem, with free apps for reading the book on any eReader, tablet, phone or computer.

The Language of the Blues was first published by Billboard Books. It received the ASCAP Deems Taylor Award in 2008, yet disappeared from stores during a merger. Since her book’s successful eBook release March 2012 by Guitar International, Devi has become a Huffington Post blogger on the blues. Blues Revue deems The Language of the Blues “an essential purchase for scholars and fans.” New York Times columnist Shelton Ivany adds, “If you have any questions about songs, lyrics, musicians or events, chances are you will find your answers in this unparalleled publication.”

Devi fell in love with the blues as a Milwaukee teen sneaking out to live shows by Chicago legends like Son Seals and Koko Taylor. A gifted rock guitarist inspired by the blues, she’s a Fender Girl Rock Nation artist who leads the band DEVI. The band’s debut album, Get Free, is earning her comparisons to Hendrix, and singers Sheryl Crow and PJ Harvey. A former associate editor of Blues Revue, Devi has also written for The Village Voice, Rolling, Vintage Guitar and Guitar.