Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Review "Long Live Live Music" - Ravinwolf (Survive Records)

By George Boswell  
If you’ve never seen this phenomenal duo, you owe it to yourself to make a special effort to get-out and attend Ravinwolf's next appearance! Jamey and Heather are the real deal. True Blues aficionados. 

This release pays tribute to great blues artists like Robert Johnson, Willie Dixon, Bessie Smith, and Skip James. What more do you want? Their sound is refined, dynamic, and very enjoyable to experience. Not to mention the nicest people you could ever hope to meet. Their technical skill is truly above average, their stage presence is professional, and the end result makes for one remarkable occasion. I recently attended a performance in Everett, Washington and didn’t want the evening to end. As far as songwriters go, they are tops. One could say these folks are definitely original. 

If you’re expecting a full-tilt thundering sound, it’s not here. What you can expect is an easy listening, dedicated, sincere, and full of life renditions blues classics and unique originals that blend together better than most Highland scotches I’ve tasted. Did I mention the warmth and vitality of their sound? Oh yes, it’s nicely reproduced here and you won’t regret adding this CD to your blues collection. Long Live Live Music will stick with you like a Memphis BBQ and bourbon meal. Don’t forget to pick this one up.

Check out samples of the songs below. You can purchase a copy of Long Live Live Music from Ravinwolf's website by CLICKING HERE.


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  1. Couldnt agree with you more! Ive heard them in person many times ~ have CDs, LOVE Ravinwolf
    ~ "woof woof" ~